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Track and Trace using QR-Codes

NPP to use ImageID qr code based system

NPP , The largest Japanese logistics provider, which manages over 3 million pallets has chosen ImagId's Visidot system to manage its assets using QR codes. Visidot enables tracking and tracing of assets with 100% accuracy and also has the ability to scan multiple barcoded items on a pallet simmulateously


Radio 1's big QR-Qodes

picture of lilly allen on radio 1 qr code


Radio 1's recent Big Weekend saw the introduction of Get Lily on your mobile QR code posters at various points around the site as part of a three pronged mobile plan to serve mobile video content. With a 361% increase in UK page impressions on the previous year the strategy seemed to pay off. A Bluetooth loo and SMS club were also set up to serve over 800 videos, audio clips and walpapers. Click read more to see the full poster.

9 film poster QR-Code

picture of main characer from the film 9


Shane Ackers 2005 short animated film 9 has been remade by Focus features. The films poster has a QR code in the bottom right hand corner of the poster which directs you to an exclusive video featuring it's director who explains the characters used in the animation. Read more about 9 the film

Adidas QR-Code for FIFA 2010

Japanpese Adidas footballer showing QR code


Adidas have launched a "Show your resolution!" campaign in Japan which aims to unify Japans players and fans in the fight towards victory in the 2010 FIFA South AfricanWorld cup. The Adidas Japan Flash website shows a QR code which takes you to a mobile website where, once your email address has been entered you can post supportive messages to Japans team members. The mesages are displayed on both the website and on various in-store digital signage. Wave your emblem at the camera and see users comments flow from your hand. Click Read More to see the Digital signage in action.

Walt Disney QR-Codes

Walt Disney characters behind QR codes


The Walt Disney company have released posters near the Ikebukuro Station (Japan) which show Micky Mouse, Donald Duck and Stitch partially covered by QR codes and the eyes and nose of each character can be seen in the centre of the QR code. The QR codes redirect users to Disneychannel's mobile site. Click Read more to see a video showing a constant stream of commuters scanning the QR codes.

QuRopean union



Recent QRMe scan activity has revealed a cluster of scans in the North Eastern part of the the western hemisphere. Although the US is the largest source of traffic to QRMe it seems that Europeans are more inclined to pick up their mobile and scan our QRMe code to test out the service.

Go on QR-Code .. make my day


With over 22 million records sold to date American punk rock trio Green Day have placed a QR code on the front cover of their latest album which directs fans to an exclusive website where they can listen to music, watch videos, connect with other fans and even download the groups recent hit Know your enemy.  Click Read more to sing along ... (Trashing your room is optional)


Student QR-Code survey

bath qr code survey


Following on from the University of Bath's ideas factory roadshow  Andy Ramsden, Head of e-learning at the University has recently completed a paper entitled 'Are students ready for QR codes?'.  to ascertain the potential for using QR codes in learning and teaching. With one in ten students aware of QR codes and one in 50 having already scanned a QR code the futures bright.. the futures black and white.

European QR-Qode TV commercial

Snap shot of european tv commercial using QR codes


Belgium bank Banco de la poste is currently running probably Europes first QR code centric TV Commercial. The advert shows a young model wearing a QR code T shirt and constantly shows a QR code in the bottom right corner of the screen. Anyone opening a bank account will receive a QR code T shirt from and can win a 3G iPhone.

Click read more to see the commercial


Hey Mr DJ put a QR-Qode on

musicsutoi are using QR codes


MusicSugoi is a new Japanese service which means 'Awesome music' in Japanese and allows independent artists and DJ's to promote their music to their respective fan bases in Japan. The service provides both a main web page and a mobile web page which links to iTunes Japan and Amazon Japan. The site also allocates a QR code linked to the artists mobile website.

The Living book and Twitter

The Living Book QR code

Online bookstore Editoras online, which works with the main Brazillian publishers for the promotion and selling of books, have developed The living book. Live Twitter messages are categorised into love or hate and 100 each of these are linked to a QR code in the booklet. The URL's are changed every 7 days, making the booklet a dynamic open source collaborative view of peoples expressions. The strategy of using a guerilla action campaign was chosen instead of normal advertising to generate young peopless curiosity. Click the readmore link to see the video.


Idolmaster QR-Code gaming



It's rumoured that games developer Namco Bandai is currently developing an 'Idolmaster Dearly Stars' pop idol sim game for the Nintendo DSi platform which will allow the gamer to capture a QR code image during gameplay to enable hidden items.

Movie QR-Qode



IT DeSign and Hakuhodo Daiko Yomiko group's new i-Business center have recently developed Movie QR Code, a QR code with animated graphics. Both companies plan to launch a new type of advertising service built around the new Movie QR codes. It's a natural progression from IT DeSigns 'Design QR' which incorporates a brand image within the QR code. For more information see the QR movies entry under other services in the following translated webpage 

Slam dunQ



Shibuya station, Tokyo (Japan) has unveiled a new DyDo branded kiosk featuring one of Japans popular baseball stars. Slap bang in the centre of the station the 11 foot kiosk advertises DyDo's vending machines which account for over 90% of the company's sales revenue (50% of sales are attributed to canned coffee sales)

Louis Vuitton designer QR-Code



SET, a creative agency based in Tokyo, Japan have announced a QR code collaboration with Louis Vuitton aimed at generating traffic to their website, raise awareness of QR code marketing and to demonstrate the possibilities of designer QR codes. The QR codes have been given a distinctive twist by adding colour and a touch of design flair to make them stand out from the competition in the hope of creating what is ordinarily a bland image. More informrmation can be found at setjapan. See the full image by clicking read more

QR-Codes on wine labels

Portuguese wine maker Quevedo, located in Portugal's Douro Valley, have started to use QR codes on their Quinta Vale D'agodinho port wine labels. The company has just entered the American wine market and, during a revamp of their wine labels to meet the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and trade bureau regulations, a QR code was added. Scanning the QR code takes you to Adegga, a social network for wine lovers. 

Oxford news QR-Qode

Southern based newspaper Oxford Mail have launched a seperate mobile website for each of their brands (Oxford mail, Herald series, Bicester advertiser and Bandbury cake) and have included a QR Code in todays edition (24/02) for readers to scan to visit their  site.  

QR-Codes on postcards


QRMe member Avant Card , an Australian promotional postcard maker, has recently started to add QRMe codes onto a range of postcards which could revolutionalise the postcard market in the region. The QRMe codes are linked to the e-card section of their website and mobile users can pick and despatch an e-card immediately. Avant Card is Australia's largest free postcard advertising company and their postcards are placed in venues which have a potential audience of over 4 million consumers each week. Avant Card offer a bespoke postcard service to tie in with national promotional campaigns.

Sensitive Rose interactive arkwork



Brazilian Martha Gabriel has created a piece of interactive artwork based entirely on QR codes. The Sensitive Rose website allows visitors to add their lifes aim onto an interactive compass for other surfers to read. Martha explains on the site  "The work intention is to "navigate" in the desires of the people, in a secret way, through a ciphered poetics of tags, which can not be deciphered with naked eyes". Martha has also recently written a book on Marketing Optimization Search: Concepts, Techniques and Strategies. and has told QRMe she's planning to use the QRMe website as a reference point during lecturing for her Digital Design MBA students. Her main site can be found at
Click more to see the video.

New iPhone QR-Code decoder



Cambridge (UK) based company Airsource have released Optiscan for the iPhone. Airsource have taken the standard Google QR code decoding engine (Zxing) and have both tweaked the image processing library and removed the need to press a button to snap the QR code to end up with a very fast scan/decode time.  If Optiscan fails to decode a QR code the camera preview will simply continue to show the image, allowing the user to try and improve lighting/stability. Ben Blaukopf, CTO of Airsource Ltd told QRMe " ..However, that is where the key benefit for Optiscan lies - the automatic capture means that the iPhone effectively tells you when you are sufficiently well aligned, whereas with other readers you are required to guess. Perceived performance is also much higher due to the reduced user interaction necessary - 0 button-presses with Optiscan versus 2 with a similar product". 

Hip Hop QR-Codes

  hiphop have introduced QR codes into their Hip Hop Video library to allow visitors to purchase the corresponding song from iTunes. Matt Beck, the website owner told QRMe the aim of the site is to expose people to the period of Old school Hip Hop. The site also features a number of classic hip hop songs each day.

University of QR-Codes


Andy Ramsden from Bath University has been running a QR code Ideas Factory at various university campuses around the UK with Gloucestershire, Leicester, East Anglia and Manchester having been on the agenda. The sessions aim to get people thinking about how QR codes could be used and explores the current barriers to using the technology.
More information can be found at

First illegal use of a QR-Code ?


Pirate radio stations have been around as long as licensed radio stations but it looks like unlicensed stations are one step ahead by taking advantage of QR code technology. According to a video discovered recently by QRMe there is a link between grafitti and pirate radio stations why not make grafitti QR codes allowing you to find pirate radio stations ? Click on read more to see the video

QR-Code calendar



After accidentally stumbling across QR codes while sorting out barcode scanners for his Office Medics Express company based in Wisconsin (USA) Scott Jensen had an inspirational idea while pondering the technology at a local coffee shop... Why not make calenders more interesting and allow people to find out what inventions or historical events happened on a particular date ? Scott is now manufacturing the calendars and also offers a personalisation service. Scott told QRMe "A good 75% of my contacts that have an idea of what these codes mean and have purchased a calendar and around 15% of my walk-in customers that's asked 'what's that' have purchased a calendar". Scott can be reached at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

QR-Codes rock!



Toronto rock group St.Alvia Cartel, just back from a tour of Japan where the group have just shot their latest video, have teamed up with marketing consultant Benjamin Nicholson to help promote their band using QR code technology. Benjamin, who told QRMe he's looking forward to having some fun promo's with the group, intends to place QR codes on a range of  promotional merchandise over the coming months. There's even a rumour that the group are planning for someone to win the chance to appear in one of the groups videos... so watch this space. More information about Saint Alvia can be found at

Kelly Brook QR-Code in The Sun



Model Kelly Brook has appeared on Page 6 of todays (9th December) edition of The Sun newspaper promoting Pepsi's recent use of QR codes. Pepsi recently started to print QR codes on over 400 million UK bottles and cans of Pepsi Max. More details can be found on the original story below. See The Sun's online article or the Pepsi max QR code website

Yell trials QR-Qodes



Yell are placing QR codes on the front page of their Edinburgh and Cardiff December editions to trial the technology. Both a cinema and a weather QR code will allow readers to check cinema listings and local weather information.Bermuda Yellow pages already allow QR codes to be placed alongside actual adverts within their 2008/2009 directory. More information can be found at Marketing week yell QR code

Brazilian giant Claro push QR-Qodes

Mobile phone giant Claro will be the first Brazilian operator to use QR codes in a Christmas advertising campaign with QR codes appearing in newspapers, magazines and leaflets to coincide with a billboard, internet, and cinema campaign. Claro subscribers can text the word Choice to 250 to download a QR code reader. One scan of the code will direct the mobile phone to a website where the giants Christmas jingle can be downloaded with non Claro subscribers being redirected to a Christmas offers page. As of September 2008 Claro claimed 78% Wireless market penetration with a 25% wireless market share and accounts for 190 million mobile phone subscribers (35.6 million wireless subscibers) in Brazil. It's parent company América Móvil is the 5th largest mobile phone network operator in Latin America and the venture by Carlos Slim Helú has placed him in the wealth ranks with the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.
See the advert by clicking read more

QRMe here there and everywhere


Our free QRMe QR Code tracking service is currently being used throughout the world. The map above shows just some of the recent scans from Europe. It's free and easy to get started tracking your own QR code, Just register, log in and copy your allocated QR code to your blog or printed materials. The system is real time so as soon as your QR code is scanned (anywhere in the world) you'll see it on your Google map in the report section of our website (My Live GeoMap). 


Texas innovative QR-Codes



The City of Manor, Texas, USA were recently honoured at an annual conference. sponsored by the US Goverment technology and the center for digital Government, for an innovative use of QR codes. Manor SmartCode project placed City of Manor SmartTour QR Codes around the City. The City Secretary for City of Manor explained to QRMe that QR codes have been placed on historical markers, old buildings, The city hall, parks, city vehicles, business cards and other items of interest. One scan of a city vehicle (SmartTruck) QR code will direct you a web page disclosing information about the trucks functions and it's routes. SmarkPark QR Codes placed on fences surrounding parks explain the history of the person the park is named after as well as rental information if you would like to hire the park for a function.

Examples of the innovative use of the QR codes can be found at flickr city of manor QR codes or visit City of manor SmartCodes tour page.
Click readmore for a Google map of Manor.

Update 13 Jan 2009 : Read more on this story at

Kia QR-Code


Kia motors has launched a Kia Soul Mobile website in the US for the Los Angeles Auto show (starts 19 Nov). QR codes at various locations and on different literature will direct visitors to the website which will contain a variety of downloadable artwork from various artists. Kia's new soul vehicle will be available spring 2009. Click for more information on the Kia soul car qr code

Click read more to see the KIA soul video at the concept stage


QR-Code in CSI 'Dead Inside'



QR codes hit mainstream TV in a recent episode of CSI: New york. The Dead inside episode featued a QR code which helped to solve a gruesome murder. During an autopsy on a unfortunate guy who had suffered a fatal blow to the head a QR code was found on the back of a piece of paper in the hand of the deceased. Scanning the QR code led to a website where people would email their deepest, darkets secrets. This led investigators to a user by the name of Lola54 who had been having an affair with the victim.
Click the read more link to see the scene from CSI: New york.

Pepsi QR-Code


Pepsi UK have kicked off a Pepsi max kicks mobile phone campaign using QR codes on their bottles and cans.  Consumers can download various content for their mobile phones just by scanning the barcode with their mobile phone. The QR code will automatically redirect the mobile to a WAP site containing the content. Over 400 million Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max cans and bottles will have the QR code placed on them. Games, videos and weird and wacky websites are just a few options available to Pepsi consumers. The rollout will give the company an alternative way of communicating with the brands consumers. See Pepsi Max for more information

The latest Nokia mobile phones already have the capability to read QR codes. See our QR code readers section for your barcode reader.

See the Pepsi Max kicks advert and scan the Pepsi QR code by clicking read more.


QR-Code android code recently blogged about creating QR codes on the new T Mobile G1 android platform. The android code uses Googles API to generate the actual QR code. To get started developing your own QR code applications on androd devices just download the android sdk - software development kit from Google. Get you QR Code reader for android here

Original blog post .

There is also an excellent article at and a complete android api reference guide at



Museum QR-Code experiment


The Powerhouse Museum (Sydney, Australia) went live with its first public experiment with QR codes back in July this year.

A QR code was placed on the back of their festival catalogue for Sydney Design 08 which, once scanned, directed users to a hidden web page which provided a discount voucher for the festival and ensured free entry to the Museum during the event. Recent post event analysis revealed the following  (Seb Chan's blog ..)

QR-Code analysis


Matthias Wiedemann of has emailed QRMe regarding his recent analysis of QR codes. Matthias' Web image analysis project used the likes of Yahoo image search, Google image search and Flickrs API to scan for images containing the keywords "qrcode" and "qr code". 4737 hits were found but only 1935 were succesfully decoded and, of these 1935, a sample of 200 words were taken to produce a keyword tag cloud. The compilation exercise will be repeated in around 6 months to monitor the trend.

Not suprisingly, Japan came out at the top of the top level doman analysis (country specific TLD's) and NTT docomo's MEBKM bookmark registration keyword headed the keyword content list.

More infomation on Matthias' work can be found at To view some of the statistics click the read more link below.

Sony Quantum code


Sony have launched which is an intriguing game based on QR codes. Constance Newlove is an imaginary data analyst at MI6 and her life is in danger after coming into the possession of information regarding the Quantum Code. The Quantum code opens a safe which contains something that could change the world forever and your mission is to stop it falling into the wrong hands. What makes the game play a little out of the ordinary is the fact that information is time released so the site will keep you on the edge of your seat for quite a while. check it out at  See the Sony quantum code video. Follow the story here quantum code story. Sony are also advertising their new TV range with bond actor Daniel Craig with a theme based around the film Quantum of solace.

How do you scan the quantum code? just visit our QR code readers section 

Update (24/10): The winner of the Quantum Code, Graham, just walked away with $15K worth of Sony prizes

Update: (22/01): Sony's Quantum code campaign is up for multiple nominations at the 15th AIMIA awards 


one billion characters ?

URLMIN have launched an alternative service with a difference. Not only does the service shorten your URL to a fraction of its former length but it also generates a QR code for you. Large URL's generate QR Codes with a lot of data which makes the QR code slightly harder to read by a mobile phone as the QR code generating software needs to reduce the size of the pixels in order to store the long URL. This service ensures the length of the URL is kept to a minimum thus ensuring the pixels are kept at an optimum scanning size.


Welsh Assembly using QR-=Codes


Seems that Welsh Assembly members are one step ahead of the game when it comes to employing web enabled technology. Lesley Griffiths, the Welch Assembly Member for Wrexham, is the first member to use QR codes to allow her constituents to contact her more easily by placing QR codes on leaflets and written communication. The MP's QR code contains her telephone number, email and website address which makes it very easy to store the details in your contacts list. Explaining how QR Codes will be used in her elected role, Lesley Griffiths said:


Telstra leading the way with QR-Codes

Telstra handsets now have QR Code readers as standard

Telstra Australia have officially launched QR Codes as part of their standard mobile services from 1st July 2008 onwards. All of Telstra's new range of handsets will have the QR Code reader preloaded as a standard feature allowing more than half a million Australians to embrace QR code technology. Telstras QR Code press release. Picture courtesy of mobiusmobile


QR-Codes on BBC Website

BBC's hidden QR Codes

The BBC's beta version of Programme's now contains hidden QR Codes. The site has been launched to ensure that every TV and Radio programme the BBC has broadcast will have a permanent link. To see the QR Code for the page your viewing simply add /qrcode to the end of the URL of the programme you've selected, for example The hairy bikers have a URL of  To see the QR Code simply use


Ralph Lauren QR-Code

 Ralph Lauren embraces QR Code technology

Luxury retailer Ralph Lauren Corp has embraced QR Code technology by recently launching a mobile commerce website in tandem with print advertising, mailers and store windows using QR codes to drive tech savvy consumers to their new site. The store window displays will allow passers-by to scan the QR code and purchase the items without even entering the shop.


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