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QR-Code analysis


Matthias Wiedemann of has emailed QRMe regarding his recent analysis of QR codes. Matthias' Web image analysis project used the likes of Yahoo image search, Google image search and Flickrs API to scan for images containing the keywords "qrcode" and "qr code". 4737 hits were found but only 1935 were succesfully decoded and, of these 1935, a sample of 200 words were taken to produce a keyword tag cloud. The compilation exercise will be repeated in around 6 months to monitor the trend.

Not suprisingly, Japan came out at the top of the top level doman analysis (country specific TLD's) and NTT docomo's MEBKM bookmark registration keyword headed the keyword content list.

More infomation on Matthias' work can be found at To view some of the statistics click the read more link below.
Top level domain
483 times
.jp 327 times
95 times  88 times
53 times
.de 18 times
.info 16 times
.mobi 15 times
9 time
.tv 8 times
.ch 8 times 8 times
.au 7 times
7 times
.tw 7 times
.be 7 times
.cc 5 times
br 5 times
gs 5 times
.cx  4 times

http Link 
1259 times
http Link without MEBKM 827 times
MEBKM 516 times
MECARD 35 times
VCARD 12 times
BIZCARD 8 times
URL 9 times
TEL 5 times
MAILTO 5 times
SMSTO 4 times

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